Straw Master Front Loading Bale Shredder & Spreader

This front-loading bale shredder by Ag Innovations is a great choice for Canadian livestock farmers to spread shredded: hay or straw in a barn up to a 50′ distance. Attaching to a skid steer or front loader in minutes, at just 5′ wide, it can fit in tight spaces and make quick work of bedding so you can get on to other tasks.

The Straw Master square bale processor and round bale chopper are some of the simplest and most economical solutions for mobile deployment of livestock feeding & bedding, and with a remote control adjusting a blower hood rotation of 300°, you never have to leave your cab until the job is done.

Unlike a chain feeder, this gravity fed chopper has fewer parts to maintain and replace – you just connect the hydraulics in/out and 12V for the blower and you’re all set. Watch the video to see just how simple it is to connect and use.

Bale Shredder Suitable For Feed & Shredded or Sawdust Bedding For:

sheep-goatspigshorses cattlepoultry


Watch The Straw Master Bale Shredder in Action

Straw Master Saves You Time

  • Slim design allows straw chopper operation in low head room areas
  • Scoop-N-Go design allows minimum load time
  • Wireless remote eliminates extra wiring harness
  • Reverse-able beaters reduces plug ups
  • Variable speed beaters give operator flexibility of bedding materials and time management
  • Delivery anywhere in Canada & the U.S.

Bale Processing Saves On Labor

  • Easy loading
  • Power tail gate to retain bale after strings are cut
  • Skid steer roll back to create gravity feed, for less moving parts
  • 50 feet blowing distance
  • 300 degree hood rotate allows you to spread on either side of the skid steer
  • 90 Day defective materials & labour warranty

Bale Shredding Saves on Bedding

  • 2 stage hood deflector allow better control of bedding stream
  • From tight arch to long arch gives flexibility for uniform spread
  • Relative cut length of 5” or less for better absorbing capacity
  • Skid steer must be equipped with case drain
  • 12v DC power supply required
  • Minimum aux. output of 18-20 GPM
  • Min. recommended skid steer size 50-60hp

Ag Innovations Straw Master Bale Shredder Features

  • 3 Model sizes: small, medium-large, and round bales (see chart below)
  • Ideal for: Straw, wheat, hay, bean stover & corn stover
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • End gate to lock in bale
  • Fits any-sized skid steer or telehandler
  • Magnetic remote case available



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