About Ag Innovations

The Ag Innovations Story

Ag Innovations is a product-based agricultural business that evolved from a 3rd generation Mennonite dairy farm family (which began in the 1930s) who like to work smart as well as hard! We love to innovate new products when we see a need to make a farmer’s life more efficient in the day to day tasks that take up the most amount of time. Our goal is to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Ag innovations recently developed a new idea that stemmed from the need to bed our pack area from the feed alley that was small and versatile. Not finding what we needed, we struck out on our own and build own product known as the Straw Master. These are known as bale shredders or bale processors.

Ag Innovations began in 2018 with a mission statement to: Provide our customers quality and value in a positive way. Our goal is to offer farmers solutions to save time and money.

Ag Innovations Bale Shredder Products:

  • Straw Master Mini – up to 3x3x4 bales


  • Straw Master Model -3x3x8 – 3x4x8


  • Straw Master Round – 4x4x8 & round bales


Who Our Products are Designed for:

Mostly designed for livestock farmers but also appropriate for landscape retainment and construction.

Ag Innovations Staff:

  • Eugene Martin:
  • Howard Martin
  • Maynard Martin

We are: farmers & master fabricators with a combined 35 years of fabricating experience.

By Farmers for Farmers

The Ag Innovations Straw Master came to being due to a farmer friend who severely injured his shoulder and was unable to bed or feed the livestock. So in order to help him carry on his livelihood we made an initial prototype using a snow blower in a loose hay bale and from there refined a most elegant chainless model with multiple vertical augers and a moving tailgate that keeps the bale compressed as it shreds. It is motorless for safety reasons, so that the fodder does not catch fire and uses the hydraulics of various machinery for versatility of hooking it up to or an adapter kit for it to work with equipment you already have – this keeps the product cost lower and your equipment more useful.

If you are interested in becoming a Straw Master Bale Shredder by Ag Innovations dealer, please give us a call at: 519-664-1377 to speak to one of our staff today.